Recruitment Expertise In Telecom Industry

Since 2011, Placement Expert has been providing Specialized Recruitment Services for the Telecom Industry globally.We offer services in identifying the right talent for your company, focusing on individuals capable of thriving in the fiercely competitive market with their exceptional skills and expertise. Leveraging the experience of our Telecom Industry Expert Recruiters and their extensive network in the Telecom industry in India, we deliver the best recruits, whether at the senior-most level, mid-management positions, or lead technicians on the ground.

In the last five years, we have recruited more than 800 senior professionals from the Indian telecom industry to global locations. Our Network of candidates would provide you full access to skilled Telecom professionals. Also, our Recruiters aim at providing quick and efficient hiring process.

We are trusted by leading telecom companies worldwide. Contact us for a quick discussion or simply send an email to start executing your hiring plans from India. Below are some of the positions for which we have candidates in our network or in our database.

Job Categories:
  • Executive and Leadership Roles
  • Chief Executive Officer(CEO)
  • Chief Operating Officer(COO)
  • Chief Technology Officer(CTO)
  • Chief Information Officer(CIO)
  • Chief Network Engineer(CE)
  • Vice President of Telecommunications
  • Director of Network Operations
  • Engineering and Technical Roles
  • Network Engineer
  • Telecommunications Engineer
  • RF Engineer (Radio Frequency)
  • Systems Engineer
  • Field Engineer
  • Telecommunications Technician
  • VoIP Engineer (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • Optical Fibre Technician
  • IT and Software Roles
  • Telecommunications Software Developer
  • Network Security Specialist
  • Systems Analyst
  • IT Support Specialist
  • Telecom Data Scientist
  • Cloud Solutions Architect
  • Sales and Marketing Roles
  • Telecommunications Sales Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Project Manager Telecom
  • Business Development Manager
  • Sales Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Operations and Maintenance Roles
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Service Delivery Manager
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Client Relationship Manager