Recruitment Expertise In Heavy Equipments And Heavy Engineering Industry

The heavy equipment and heavy engineering industry serve as the driving force behind infrastructural development, subsequently fostering the economic growth of a country. India, renowned for its global competence in heavy equipment manufacturing, presents significant employment opportunities for highly skilled engineering professionals driven by technology. Presently, the engineering sector employs millions of skilled and semi-skilled workers, and with India's strengthened position, these numbers are expected to rise further.

Placement Expert is uniquely positioned to address the talent requirements of the world's industrial companies. Our team identifies highly skilled professionals equipped with comprehensive knowledge and global insights to excel in the fiercely competitive engineering industry. We are committed to filling your positions with versatile talents capable of enhancing your company's productivity and profitability.

Job Categories:

Covering all levels, including management positions like Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer, General Manager, Director, Vice President, Heads of Departments, and many others listed below…

  • Cad Designer
  • Cad/Cam Engineer
  • Civil Designer
  • CNC Programmer
  • Co-Ordinator And Supervisors
  • Design Engineer
  • Drill Operators
  • Graphic Designer
  • Heavy Equipment Operators
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Instrumentation Engineer
  • Lathe Operators
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Mechanical Designer
  • Mechanics
  • Operations Manager
  • Parametric Modelers
  • Plant Equipment Manager
  • Process Designer
  • Process Planner
  • Product Designer
  • Purchase Manager / Engineer
  • Quality Control Manager
  • R & D Manager
  • Solid Modelers
  • Technicians
  • Tool Designer/Programmer
  • Turners
  • Unit Heads
  • Welders
  • Workshop Manager