Recruitment Expertise In Construction And Real Estate And Infrastructure Industry

PPlacement Expert distinguishes itself as a foremost Indian Executive Search firm, dedicated to procuring Indian candidates for prominent clients across the Constructions & Infrastructure industry worldwide. Our primary clients, primarily from the Infrastructure sector, oversee Government Infrastructure Projects spanning over 30 countries. Additionally, several construction companies from the UAE have trusted us for years to recruit mid to senior-level executives and engineers. Our specialized team of Recruitment Experts for the Constructions, Real Estate & Infrastructure Industry possesses robust experience and understanding in this field, including projects related to Water, Wastewater, Roads & Bridges, Industrial Estates, Commercial & Residential sectors, positioning us as 'Expert Recruiters in the Constructions, Real Estate & Infrastructure Industry.' This expertise significantly expedites the process for our clients in acquiring the best candidates, saving them valuable time, money, and effort.

The Placement Expert workforce identifies talented professionals with extensive experience and a comprehensive understanding of the construction/infrastructure industry. Our recruitment experts boast a strong network of qualified candidates capable of meeting company objectives and excelling in competitive environments. We are dedicated to filling positions across all levels, contributing significantly to the companies’ growth and profitability.

Our database consists of over 15,500 mid to senior-level experienced and talented candidates from the Constructions, Real Estate & Infrastructure Industry, spanning Water, Wastewater, Roads & Bridges, Industrial Estates, Commercial & Residential sectors, registered with us from various regions in India, demonstrating their active interest in working abroad. We possess specialized expertise and confidence in providing the best talent as per your requirements. Our headhunting team of recruitment experts can efficiently source any talent required within Constructions, Real Estate & Infrastructure Industry segments. Notably, our capability extends to sourcing all forms of talent within these sectors. Simply put, if it's available, we can deliver.

Upon agreement on fees and terms, expect the initial CVs in your inbox within 24 hours, marking the commencement of our process. Known for our swift recruitment services in the Constructions, Real Estate & Infrastructure Industry, we encourage you to request sampling work to experience the quality of candidates we can offer.

Job Categories:

Encompassing all levels, including management positions such as Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer, General Manager, Director, Vice President, Heads of Departments, and numerous others listed below…

  • Advocates
  • Architects
  • Blue-Collar Workers Supervisor
  • Brokers And Agents
  • Business Development Head
  • Carpenters
  • Civil Engineers
  • Community Manager
  • Construction And Well Drillers
  • Construction Helpers
  • Construction Inspectors
  • Construction Managers
  • Cost Estimators
  • Equipment Leasing / Rental
  • Facilities Management
  • General Construction Workers
  • Head Of Architecture
  • Heavy Truck Drivers
  • Leasing Manager
  • Legal Head
  • Lionizing Manager
  • Line Installers And Repairers
  • Masons
  • Material Moving Machine Operators
  • Mechanic And Repairer Helpers
  • Operating Engineers
  • Plumbers And Pipefitters
  • Procurement
  • Project Co-Ordinator
  • Project Delivery Head
  • Sales Head
  • Sales Supervisor
  • Security And Safety Manager
  • Site Supervisor
  • Structural Metal Workers
  • Telemarketing Executive
  • Unit Head
  • Utilities Management
  • Waste Management
  • Workers Like Laborers, Electricians, Plumbers Etc