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Sea Transport Has Been The Largest Freight Carrier

In the history of transport, Sea transport has been the largest freight carrier. Inspite of the emerging aviation industry, sea has always been a cheaper mode of transport. Short trips and pleasure cruises have tremendously boosted the shipping industry and more and more professionals opt to take up the jobs of mariners, because it is not only adventurous but also gives you a chance to see the world. In the past life at sea was considered as a calling for social isolation. Now the use of satellite phones and ICT solutions has enabled better ship-to-shore communication and it also works as an efficient tool for the welfare of the crew.

Technology and Globalization has significantly transformed many areas of shipping industry. With multiple years of experience and thorough knowledge, consultants of Placement Expert can provide assistance in executive search across the globe in broad spectrum of Shipping and Marine industry. The team of Placement Expert finds you the best talent who can be the leaders of tomorrow both in Shipping and in its related sectors.

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