Recruitment Expertise In Hospitality And Travel Industry

The Industry Is Well Guarded Through Uncertain Times

Due to ever-increasing competition in the hotels, restaurants, tours and travel, the need for ‘the best talent’ is gaining more and more importance in the hospitality and travel industry.

The optimism of corporate travel has made the Hospitality and Travel sector emerge inspite of the recent economic instability. The industry is well guarded through uncertain times, cost and revenue pressures by the thorough knowledge and expertise of the leaders of the industry. With the increasing interest of consumers and growing accessibility of travel services, the global Hospitality and Travel industry definitely has a bright future.

Placement Expert has been delivering talents who not only have a good financial acumen buy also strong marketing strategies to keep the consumers happy and engaged. Our consultants have successfully completed projects at Board level and in all functional areas across the sectors be it food professionals, hospitality, travel or leisure leaders.

Job Categories:

Across All Levels Including management positions like Chief Executive officer, Managing Director, Chief Operating officer, General Manager, Director, Vice President, Heads of Departments etc. along with many listed below…

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