Recruitment Expertise In Construction And Real Estate And Infrastructure Industry

Domestic And International Construction Firms Are Modernizing In Terms Of Using Latest Techniques

It is said that Infrastructure shapes human society. The economic development and welfare of a country is marked by its infrastructure like roads, railways, bridges, water supply, telecommunication, electric grids etc. Lack of infrastructure has always been one of the prime reasons for the poor growth and achievement of an economy. Privatization of infrastructure industry has given rise to more competition which has forced companies to innovate. Domestic and International firms are modernizing in terms of using latest techniques in construction and picking up talent who comes with specialized skills to meet and beat the competition.

Placement Expert workforce identifies talented professionals who have immense experience and thorough understanding of the construction industry.  Our experts have a solid network of qualified candidates who can achieve the goals set by the companies and thrive in this cut throat competition. Our recruiting practice is dedicated to fill the positions across all levels, who, being a part of the organization can significantly inflate the companies’ profits.

Job Categories:

Across All Levels Including management positions like Chief Executive officer, Managing Director, Chief Operating officer, General Manager, Director, Vice President, Heads of Departments etc. along with many listed below..

We take blue collar / Working class staff recruitment only if it is with large project, which includes sourcing of critical / Senior / Engineering positions.

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