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Sourcing Manpower From India

Placement Expert has been an instrument in sourcing Indian talent for many international organizations… based in countries / regions like Hong Kong, UK, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Korea, Sudan, Israel, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, etc. We are very quick in sourcing relevant candidates and source first lot of relevant profiles in just one day. This means, you can actually start interviewing in just 48 hours.

We make it real easy for you to hire Indian Talent. What you need to have is, the approval / the work permit/s for your required manpower and we make it joyous to complete the selection process.

To learn step by step process – click here “10 days & hiring Done”.

Do We Charge Anything To Candidates : NO
What About Fees Of Placement Expert? What Do We Do For You…

Our fees are paid by the hiring party (employer) and we completely do not charge anything to your prospective employees (Candidates). We charge based on percentage of first annual salary inclusive cost of benefits of the candidate you hire.

Please Note That Or Fees Includes:
Searching for relevant candidates from all over India & close by countries
Evaluating them before presenting them to you (initial evaluation is done at our end)
Presenting their profiles to you
Arranging & coordinating interviews of short listed candidates
Assist you finalizing the selection
Assist you sending offers to candidates
Assist you in negotiating / convincing candidates
Getting their Medical Check-up done (USD 40 per candidate extra)
Keeping track on their move to your organization, which includes below
Making sure that they resign from their current organization
Managing counter offers and retainment strategies by candidate’s current organization
Assist you with getting Quotes for Candidates VISA Processing (VISA Stamping on candidate’s passports) here in India. (We have our associates, who are experts in VISA process)
Coordinate the whole process of getting VISA stamping – Arranging documents from candidates and getting their attestations done from different ministries here in India, keeping eye on timely submission of their VISA applications, etc. till the end of the process.
Assist you in getting quotes for air tickets
Assist candidates in getting ready for relocation. We give them briefing about the culture and life style they are relocating into.
Assuring appropriate joining on the scheduled joining date.

What Industries We Cover To Source Candidates from / in?

Placement Expert has successfully been able to source candidates in / from almost all the industries including but not limited to the listed below.

Automobile And Auto component Industry
Aviation And Airlines Industry
Banking And Financial Services Industry
Construction, Real Estate, Infrastructure Industry
Education And Training Industry
FMCG / Manufacturing Industry
Health care Industry
Heavy Equipment’s, Heavy Engineering Industry
Hospitality And Travel Industry
IT Industry
Management Consulting And Risk Advisory sector
Marketing – Advertising And Market Research Industry
Media And Entertainment
Mining, Oil And Gas Industry
Office Administration And HR Industry
Power Industry
Shipping And Marine Industry
Social Services
Telecom Industry
Iron And Steel Production
Manufacturing of Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers Etc
SAP Consulting – We have experts of all modules
Gold mining & many more industries we have done sourcing for international clients of ours.
Mobility / Relocation Assistance For Your Selected Candidates:

We assist you and your candidates in complete relocation. Starting from VISA processing to their joining in your organization. We even guide candidates about the culture and lifestyle of the country they are moving into.

What Is The Role Of Placement Expert In VISA Assistance

We have our associates, who are experts in VISAs of different countries; they have strong hold with ministries here in India and very good relations with the embassies here. They have good professional relationship with the officers who are working in these places, so the getting the stamping of VISA done on the passports of candidates is very well & timely managed.

This whole arrangement comes in picture, only when hiring party (employer) has obtained the permissions of hiring expat in their respective countries from their labor / foreign affairs / HRD ministry (different ministry gives approval in different countries). It is advisable to start the process of sourcing and interviewing only once you have the Work Permits / Quotas for hiring expats ready. We know consultants in couple of countries like Nigeria, who can assist you obtaining these work permits in your own countries.

Charges of these experts are paid separately or directly to them. Our involvement is to introduce you to them and on your approval coordinate the whole process with them on your and candidate’s behalf.

Outsource / Hire your Staff In India (In Case You Do NOT Have Work Permits):

Many of our clients based outside India have hired their staff here in India. These staff work from their home in India and they work remotely in the official timings of your country if required else they work as per Indian office work hours.

This kind of arrangement works well for IT companies and similar industries, where staff is not required to be present in office. This saves your infrastructural cost too.

To monitor their start & end time of the day, we have one of our associates, where you can get everything online – accurate attendance of your staff & even payroll management can be done too.

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