How Hiring Is Done In Just 10 Days Or May Be Less

Considering That Contract Between Us Is Signed

Here Is The Way, You Complete Your Sourcing In Just 10 Days Or May Be Less…

Current Status: considering that contract between us is signed…

Step 1 (2nd Day): Receive talented candidates profiles within 48 hours. You keep receiving profiles every 24 hours next.

Step 2 (3rd Day): Start interviewing candidates for initial screening over phone or Skype.

Step 3.1 (4th Day): Share your feedback of the initial screening. In case feedback is delayed, the further sourcing will be kept on hold.

Step 3.2 (4th, 5th & 6th Day): Keep interviewing more candidates to create pipeline. Also short listed candidates from initial screening should be moved to 2nd layer filtering / final interviews.

Step 4 (6th or 7th Day): Let us know about the final candidates you wish to offer. The offer is communicated / discussed with candidates by us (as per your instruction). Generally within one working day (sometimes two working day) this gets over. Tentative Date of joining is decided at this level. Further Interviewing still goes ON.

Step 5 (8th Day): Candidate accepts the offer & resigns from his current position. Based on the date of joining decided, we start the process of documentation for STR / TWP VISA. You will share the Expatriate Quota and other required documents (TWP is Temporary VISA, in case Quota is taking time).

Step 6 (9th or 10th Day): In case candidate does not accept the offer… The next pipeline / back-up candidates is offered as per your instruction and move further with his VISA arrangement.

Generally within maximum 10 days, you finalize your candidate and sourcing is almost over. Candidate joins within 20 to 45 days from the date of Offer.

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